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Over the last 45 years, our professional consultants have filled thousands of jobs.

Management Recruiters of Chattanooga-Brainerd

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Our contingency search service is designed for companies that do not want a devoted effort, but want to see qualified candidates with whom we are currently working



We recommend this option when seeking to fill your most crucial executive and management positions as well as for all staffing levels where time is a critical factor. As part of our engaged search services, we create and execute a search strategy tailored to your specific requirements.

Contract Staffing is no longer just an alternative to regular staffing—it’s a strategy for growth. To meet the contract staffing needs of our clients, we place qualified interim professionals in mid- to senior-level positions and WE remain the employer of record for each contract person.


" Over the past several years, it has been a real pleasure working with Management Recruiters of Chattanooga.  They have been professional, courteous, and driven to provide us with our employment needs.  I have especially been proud of their 'cheerleading' for our company to prospective new employees, extolling our virtues and positives."

We are here to find the right candidate for your organization. Any industry, any position, let our professional recruiters find the perfect individual for your needs and take the weight off of your shoulders. 



Management Recruiters of Chattanooga-Brainerd is a leading provider of full-service staffing solutions to a broad range of clients throughout the US and globally. We can assist you with your specific staffing needs:

  • Search and Selection Process. We use a proven, comprehensive strategy to research, secure and qualify the best talent.

  • Confidentiality. We offer discreet search services to protect your company's confidentiality.

  • International Staffing. We leverage a global network of over 350 offices and 1500 recruiters to identify top candidates worldwide.

  • Project Outsourcing. We can create efficient project teams nationwide for large staffing assignments.


Management Recruiters of Chattanooga- Brainerd, founded in 1977, have placed thousands of individuals in jobs over our 45+ years of operation.  Management Recruiters of Chattanooga-Brainerd is an affiliate of the MRI Network, a globally franchised firm with over 325 affiliate offices.



Management Recruiters of Chattanooga-Brainerd

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with a recruiter to fill a position?

Recruiters specialize in specific industries and have connections with candidates that are happily employed but may be interested in new opportunities. These candidates will rarely respond to job postings so without the recruiter connection, you would likely miss out on top talent.

How can a recruiter help me fill positions?

Recruiters take a proactive approach to identifying candidates by searching through skills, education and experience. The recruiter will spend time understanding the specific requirements for a position, then reach out to candidates that fit the profile (often these candidates are working for your competitors) and discuss your opportunity. This provides access to the passive candidate pool that job postings alone simply will not reach.

What's the typical timeline for the hiring process?

The hiring timeline varies substantially from days to weeks or even months in some cases. A good recruiter can help a company streamline their process to keep from missing out on a great candidate.