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The MRI Network

Management Recruiters of Chattanooga-Brainerd is an affiliate of the MRI Network, one of the largest recruitment and placement firms in the world with over 325 offices spanning across four continents. 

Destination Success

Management Recruiters of Chattanooga-Brainerd

Who We Are

Management Recruiters of Chattanooga is an award-winning executive and management search firm that provides staffing services to companies seeking top-caliber talent. We have consistently ranked in the top 5% of our industry.


Over the last 45 years our professional consultants have successfully filled thousands of jobs for employers operating all around the world.


We are here to handle everything you need to fill your next open position. We have been helping company's hire the best candidates for over forty-five years. No request is too large or too small. 


Do you have talents and expertise that make you an ideal candidate? Let us help you find the right job for you without all of the hassle. We have excellent professional relationships with large and small companies all over the world which enables us to place individuals in jobs that they will love.


Management Recruiters of Chattanooga- Brainerd, founded in 1977, have placed thousands of individuals in jobs over our 45+ years of operation.  Management Recruiters of Chattanooga-Brainerd is an affiliate of the MRI Network, a globally franchised firm with over 325 affiliate offices.



Management Recruiters of Chattanooga-Brainerd

+1  (423) 894- 5500   

Chattanooga, TN 37416   U.S.A

  • What is Recruitment?
    Recruitment is the process of seeking out, identifying and matching qualified candidates to job positions within an organization. As a fundamental asset of business, all organizations will use recruitment in one capacity or another.
  • What are Recruiters?
    Recruiters are experts in finding, screening, and attracting applicants to fill job positions. Recruiters work to place candidates within companies looking for highly unique or specialized skill sets.
  • Why is Recruiting Important?
    Recruitment allows the hiring process to be streamlined through an external unbiased party, making it easier for companies to fill roles as efficiently as possible. It opens the door for new and innovative ideas in the hiring process for individuals and employers.
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